From another web page:

"I'm not sure that loading a 1GB dump file into MySQL is a particularly good idea - it's not the most stable piece of software and I've had issues with smaller dumps than that before." March 29, 2013


It really irritates me when people says stupid things when the problem is their own incompetence or inexperience. Now let's think about this for just a second. MySQL is certainly one of the most popular databases powering the Internet. It is used extensively in tiny little sites like Google and Facebook. It is far from unstable. I routinely work on systems that have uptimes of many months if not years. Normal behavior is that the server is up until it needs be upgraded. I have worked on systems that executes tens of thousands of queries a second as a typical part of their usage patterns. And I have loaded SQL dump files that where well over 100 gigabytes in size. This little snarky comment wasn't made particulary long ago. I see absolutely no reason a user couldn't load a one gigabyte dump file without issue. 


MySQL doesn't just fall over for any reason. It is either misconfigured, you have bad hardware, or you doing something dumb. It's not perfect, but then there are no other database systems that are perfect.. So please, if you have an axe to grind about <insert RDMS name here> then please just don't. The Internet has enough trolls without you adding your typical misinformed opinion.






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